Vishwanathan Anand in IIT Kanpur

Anand’s visit to IIT Kanpur
-IIT Kanpur, 28 June 2016
Chess Grand master Dr.Vishwanathan Anand visited Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur today. He reached IIT Kanpur last evening. On the occasion of 49th Convocation between students, faculty, Director IIT Kanpur Prof. Indranil Manna, Chairman R.C Bhargava, Chief Guest Vice Chairman NITI AYOG Prof.Arvind Pangadia, and Anand was awarded with doctorate in Science approved from the Institute’s senate of IIT K. After the convocation program Dr.Anand had a tutorial session for chess playing students, staffs and faculties of the institute community. After the technical session of about half n hour, Anand leaved for the Visitor’s Hostel. After 1 hour, Institute organized a talk by Dr. Anand on His journey through chess. Where he told the audience about his career, he unfolded some funny and sad moments of his career. Before the talk Director Prof. Manna felicitated Dr.Anand and his wife. During his talk he unfolded his early years. He said he started playing chess from the age of 6 and his mother coached him. He was awarded with many national and international awards.