What is the cost of Peace?

The word ‘peace’ is a word which is commonly used now. Everyone wants peace but none of us do anything for making peace in the world. In this essay, I am going to tell the cost of peace in context of my country India. This essay mainly focuses on the relation between India and Pakistan and the want of peace for both the sides.
The relationship between Pakistan and India is a very old one. In 1947, when India became independent, Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was the leader of Muslim League and a lawyer by profession argued and asked for a separate country for Muslim brothers and sisters of this country not for the sake of prosperity of the masses but for the sake of power, power of ruling a country. So, many wars had been fought between these two sons from a single mother, Bharata.
The Indo-Pakistani war of 1947, a war fought for separating some part of this subcontinent for making a Muslim country for an individual’s sake. Most of the people lost everything, their homes, agricultural lands, money and their families. And what was the reason of such traumatic experience which they underwent. They wanted peace and freedom, so was these separations, bloodshed, this misfortune, the cost of peace?
I don’t know about Pakistan’s government which is unstable from their origin, but here in India, we all want peace and Harmony and I am sure my brothers and sisters of Pakistan also wants the same. We can’t forget the war of 1965, which was a culmination of skirmishes that took place between Pakistan and India. So, the soldiers of our and Pakistan’s army soldiers are human too. They must be a son of an old mother, husband of a young wife and probably a father of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. So, war results in a kind of murders on both sides, murders in the sense bloodshed. So, destruction is sure. So, what was the fault of the families of these soldiers who lost their lives in the war? What would happen with the mother, how she would see her son lying silently in a coffin and is no more to ask about her health and well-being, now no one would ask her for her medicines and pension and no one would eat from her hands. One cannot imagine the trauma the mother would suffer from. What would happen with that young groom, who was just married and she lost her husband, and we can imagine the moment for the soldier’s offspring, who have lost their father, who was eager to know their marks in examination and promised them to bring toys when he returns.
In India, we are very emotionally attached with our families and can’t handle the pain of separation from our beloved. As I am talking about the cost of peace in context of my country, there are many obstacles which are responsible for violence within our country. Nowadays, roads are not at all safe for the girls of any age and women too. Few days back, on the New Year’s Eve, when the world was celebrating New Year, some boys were molesting few girls in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore. India witnessed a shameful accident instead of incidence. See, those girls paid the cost for peace. Is it not the matter of shame that the thing which is our birthright, Peace costs much more than the respect of a girl? Are we going to a correct path? No. Absolutely Not.
 On 1st of January 2017, I was reading newspaper and as I turned the page my eyes stricken on a news that said “Again a terrorist attack on a club in America”. Some people in America were celebrating New year ‘peacefully’ and suddenly some terrorists started shooting and violence in that club in America. So, was destruction, loss of life, violence, the cost of peace?
Frankly speaking, nowadays if we want peace in a country like India, you won’t be able to find especially during elections. Every leader is doing the dirty politics of vote banks, means the votes of lower class by creating conflict between the lower and upper class and he himself enjoys the luxury.
The Butchering of hope is the cheque a common man pays for entailing the peace. The peace this globe has not yet witnessed. Peace demands the aura of compassion. The fire hoses and snarling dogs barking at the children crying for peace, those children know the cost of peace. And as in the beginning I talked about soldiers they are the people who tried out to find the cost of peace and the cost of peace for them is the annihilation war. This is a bitter truth which we all have to agree with. So, the most expensive thing on the earth is PEACE.