Why I want to visit South Korea?

India-South Korea relations have been relatively strong for 2,000 years, although more progress arose during the past three decades. We are connected not only diplomatically but culturally and mutually.
가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다” that means if the outgoing words are beautiful, then the incoming words will be beautiful, too. And this is the relationship between these two countries. I would love to visit South Korea because 백지장도 맞들면 낫다, which means that two heads are better than one and both India and South Korea are factories of genius brains. When we will work together, exchange technologies, ideas and experience each other’s style of working then we both will prosper together. In technologies, it seems like Korea is five years ahead of the world in technology. At night, the streets never darken thanks to the perpetually illuminated neon lights and people having a nice drink watching SAMSUNG TV. 

Another reason for visiting South Korea is that Korean culture is fascinating. Koreans live by unifying “Work hard, play hard” mindset. In every walks of life, Koreans put every last effort into accomplishing success. This mindset is unstoppable and contagious.

Respect is heavily ingrained into Korean society, especially when someone interacts with an elder or someone they don’t know. For example, Koreans will always give a proper bow when greeting, and they always use two hands when giving or receiving something as a sign of politeness. And I would like to learn that, as we also do ‘Namaste’ in India and learning Korean culture will make me a better person with a positive outlook on life.

Another reason is it is calm, warm, polite, and clean, the people are incredibly nice and the food is amazing! Buddhism is all about peacefulness, loving and kindness.  Buddhists take all the negativity around them and learn how to turn it around by developing a positive mental state of mind. Temples are beautiful and lots of mountains and parks around the country one can enjoy. It is a very safe place to travel around and cities have also interesting vibes and stuff going on. Korea is a unique place. The juxtaposition between the modern and traditional is striking. It is an easy, First World country to travel in with excellent, inexpensive transportation, clean water, a great educational system, first-rate communications, and safe. The cherry blossom festival runs from March to May and is a must see - even if flowers aren't your thing and that makes this place my dream destination.

Recently my friend visited South Korea. So I got to know that Korean people are awesome.  They are very open minded, friendly, and welcoming.  They will treat you with the upmost respect, and they genuinely are curious to know you as a person. That’s why I want to visit South Korea.