Competition is an integral part of life- How to use failure Positively.

It is true when we say that nowadays competition is an integral part of life as the population is rising day by day it is obvious that the competition will increase. But failure does not mean the end, never give up. Former president Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam always said that we should never give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us.It is a widely accepted truth that someway or the other we read a lot of motivational books but still, we give up easily. When we face problem or failures we choose to escape but rather we should choose to face it boldly with courage and should learn from out failures.You must take risks. Some of are frightened of the risks and slow to try new things whereas some barge ahead and choose to ignore and face the risk. As a student, we face social risks. We are afraid of looking foolish, being wrong or feeling rejected. When these things happen, they hurt; to avoid potential pain we play it safe and do not take risks. But almost every successful person is a positive risk-taker. We should always remember that RISK IS A PART OF LIFE. The more you try, the more you learn, the more you\'ll succeed which makes you ready for the next opportunity that comes along.Once Dr.Kalam was made the project director of India\'s first satellite launch vehicle, SLV 3. But unfortunately, the first flight of SLV 3 in 1979 tumbled into the Bay of Bengal. Satish Dhawan who is one of the most famous scientists in India shouldered all the blames and shielded Kalam, who wanted to resign. He faced the failure but Satish Dhawan gave him the lesson of learning from the failures. A year later, 1980, SLV 3 flew successfully, making India only the sixth country to have the ability to launch a satellite. There was also a time when due to competition between countries, no country was ready to sell missile technology to India, then self-reliance became the goal of Kalam. Dr.Kalam went about indigenously developing all the critical technologies required regardless of failures. By mid-nineties, India had its own Agni and Prithvi missiles. Kalam believed that if you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L means \"First Attempt in Learning\". END is not the end, in fact, it means \"Efforts never dies\". If you get NO as an answer, remember that no means \"Next Opportunity\".How many days Graham Bell spent for inventing the Telephone, which made our life much easier? What would happen if he never attempted after one failure? We would be leading our lives in a hundred years old system.Never worry about the probable failure waiting for you in or out of a competition. When India attained freedom, our freedom fighters never worried about the failures they would face in election process or while running a democracy. We faced many challenges undoubtedly like in General Elections of the 70s or demonetization but still, we learnt from failures and that made our country, world\'s largest Democracy. Increasing cases of suicidal attempts by students make me think that why they quit without trying. They had much more opportunities but ignoring them, they hang them and just quit. Competition is an integral part of life and in a competition, victory is not obvious. One should have sportsman spirit and must take it as a \'healthy competition\' where he can win or lose without any partiality. Participation is more important, learning from failures will provide a foundation for your next opportunity.So whenever one participate in any competition just remember that for winning, participation is a must and participation does not ensure winning. You will face failure that is must but you will learn from it and succeed is up to you. And this competition will increase in coming future.

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