Book Review: Horizon: The Destiny by Jaydeep Khot

Sharma Reviewing: Horizon: The Destiny by Jaydeep Khot

My Rating:
 4.0/5.0 (Excellent, Fantabulous)

MRP of the Book: Rs.200/-
Publisher/Author: Raindrops Company/ Jaydeep Khot

'Horizon: The Destiny' by Jaydeep Khot who is a 22 years-old writer based in Mumbai. He is an alumnus of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. This book is a collection of his poems on love, examination, travel and many other topics.

His poems are really very mesmerizing. His poems are rhythmic, easy to understand and interpret by even a mid-English speaker. His language's simplicity and creativity are some of the features of his poems. The books hold some great and meaningful words. This book is a great deal for people who take interest in English poetry, but I think, Hindi readers can also try this book out, I am confident that they too would find it interesting. I found poems in this book very inspiring, motivating, reflecting the reality of life with ease and comfort. One poem, which I liked the most is  Uprising - 'There is an uprising, Uprising of the society.....
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