Congratulations to Nirmala Sitharaman, second lady Defence Minister of India

Congratulations to Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. Second lady defence minister in India, after Indira Gandhi. Before her we had a part time Defence Minister shri. Arun Jaitely. For the first time we have 2 ladies in CCS (Cabinet) . This gives a message of women empowerment and participation of girls in Defence. It could be a political decision as well for strengthening BJP's stand in South India and assuring half of the population that they are supporting women empowerment.

But I think Mrs.Sitharaman is worthy for this huge and one of the most important ministry in India, she has an experience of 11 years. Let's see what happens in a country where our Army is lacking in number of women soldiers, weapons.

In fact we don't have enough resources to fight a full fledged war for more than 10 days, (source: news)we don't have enough jet and fighter planes, we don't have enough advanced helicopters, we don't have enough bullet proof jackets and night vision gear for our soldiers, our ties with China and Pakistan are very tangled, so let's hope for the best.

What I think is that now Smt. Sitharaman will focus on improving women's role in our armed forces, Indo-Sino relationship taking Pakistan in consideration as well, improving challenges which are mentioned above like number of weapons and all.

So there are more challenges than laurels in front of our new full time Defence Minister.

All the best to all the newly sworn ministers and who are promoted....