Eshan Sharma's Special Interview Series: Bernard D'sa, Author

Here is Bernard D'sa who is an author, poet, editor and a serial entrepreneur. 

A bestselling author of Symphonies of Love and his latest book Amazing Grace

He writes for various philosophical journals and social magazines. Apart from being a writer, he is also involved in NGO activities. 

He is the Founder and CEO of Raindrops Inc
(the parent company of Raindrops Publishers)

You are the founder of Raindrops Publishers so how do you feel?

Bernard: It is always a good feeling to work for yourself. Doing something on your own and making a difference has its own benefits. You can bring about variations and changes and can think of growing vertically and horizontally as an entrepreneur.

You must be a busy person, so do you get time for reading and writing?
Bernard: Yes, it is a busy schedule. But I do sit down and write or spend some quality time reading when I think I need to take break or that all my targeted tasks are achieved.

When do you do your writing things? Is there any secret place where you write?

Bernard: As I said, I write when I am getting a stroke of inspiration. It is a good way to get rid of the stress of daily life. There is no such a secret place where I sit and write. Any place is good as long as it is not noisy, has a positive aura about it and I have free time on hand.

What inspired you to write your first book?

Bernard: Nothing in particular actually. This is what I wanted to do always and so I guess when the right time struck, I began working on my first book and that brought me to the world of publication.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Bernard: ‘Amazing Grace’ is all about a collection of small incidences and good lessons to be learnt from our daily life. Graciousness is an important virtue of human nature and we should celebrate being gracious to what God has given to us and how we can use that to make our and others’ life around us better.

From where you get idea for writing books?

Bernard: Life daily is an inspiration in itself. I find the energy and the aura from my daily life to get inspired and then rest is history. I get inspired from simplest of jobs or when something interesting happens and looking at it from a different angle. Life is amazing and beautiful – you have everything to get inspired from.

So are you working on another book? How do you develop your plots and characters?

Bernard: I don’t follow a structured pattern while working. But preparing plots and characters need intense thinking and then it all gets into a flow. Once the flow is set, then I am able to take it from there.

What is the biggest surprise that you experienced after becoming a writer?

Bernard: The biggest surprise I had after becoming a writer is probably knowing how much little I know and that there is more to life and books. Ever since then it has been a journey of self-realization and improving myself on that front.

Writing can change the society. So what aspect of the society you want to change through your writings?

Bernard: Social evils and issues have gained momentum in the new-age India. And the best part is that more youngsters have inculcated the habit of reading. In all, we can inspire people to address social-sores and come out boldly with their opinions and voice their thoughts. A wrong is wrong and no amount of explaining or excuses can make it a right – young India needs to speak up.

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