Book Review: We Are Imperfectly Perfect

We are imperfectly perfect!

Book Title: We are imperfectly perfect
Author: Nikita Gupta
Format:  Kindle
Number of pages : 296
Publisher:  Notion Press
Publishing Date:   29th May 2017
Printed Price: INR  99

The title of the book ‘We are imperfectly perfect’ is very simple and nice. The title gives the user an idea that it will be a story of feelings.

Book Cover :
The book cover with a digital image of a couple with moon as background, creates a romantic feeling thus suggests the reader that the story will  be a love story.

Some stories reflect one’s self in many ways. When it comes to the very common human emotions, it seems more. Every person in this world in some or the way must have fallen in love in a very tender age. There are some very good successful stories in this world where it all started with a simple ‘Hi’ at the age of 10 or so.
This story also depicts the same and its a simple sweet story.

All the characters are very effectively plotted.

The narration is very good.

Language and Vocabulary:
A fine usage of fine grammar and wonderful vocabulary.

My Final Verdict.
A very nice one time read.
Book title:  4/5
Book Cover:  3/5
Plot: 3.8/5
Characters: 4/5
Narration: 3.8/5
Language and Vocabulary: 4/5

I personally rate the book 4 out of 5

(Written by Swapna Peri for Writers Destination)