Writer's Destination Book Review: Winning Like Sachin - Think and Succeed like Tendulkar

Writer's Destination Book Review

Book’s title- Winning like Sachin: Think & Succeed like Tendulkar

Publisher- Rupa Publication

Year of publication- 2018

Author- Devendra Prabhudesai

Price- Rs.195/-

This book is a self-help book inspired by Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s life. Tendulkar is a legendary cricketer who once ruled the international cricket platform and rules our hearts still. He started his career at the age of twelve and became a national team player at the age of eighteen. The author Devendra Prabhudesai is an experienced biographer, who has written four more books on famous cricketers including the biography of Sachin titled ‘Hero’.

This particular book is excellent for readers who are interested in reading self-help books and non-fiction books. It’s a short read, I completed this book in three days and I really loved the way the author has portrayed Sachin’s inspirational journey and personality. The chapters are well planned and systematically organized.

Now, coming to the narration part, when you read this book, you feel very connected with the plot and how swiftly the story continues to different chapters from Sachin’s childhood to his splendid career and his spirit of never giving up. This book doesn’t talk about his career but his personality and how he managed to tackle high and low points in his career and how to be successful like Sachin.
The language of the book is very easy to understand, there is hardly any complicated vocabulary used in the book which makes it an easy to read book for people of every age group.

This is a great read for school and college students who can be inspired by Sachin’s life and his powerful personality.

An interesting feature about this book is the ‘Learning Tip’ between the chapters which provide some tips from Sachin’s life. I have read his book ‘Hero’ which is a complete life story of Sachin and in this book; some parts are as same as the previous one, but still, the calibre of the author is much appreciated.

It’s definitely a quick read 112 pages long but it’s quite motivating and it’s useful for students who want to develop a good personality and wish to know about Sachin’s personality, his struggles and rising.

I would rate this book: 5 as I couldn’t find a reason to give a low rating for this wonderful self-help book.

Eshan Sharma.